Kahles Extremely High Performa Riflescope

The Kahles k624i is a new extremely high performance riflescope which kahles will be releasing and marketing to hunters and shooters and marksmen (long range rifle shooters) within the first quarter of 2011. The kahles k624i is a six-24x magnification scope which kahles will be marketing as their new flagship product. Four different scopes under this series of four different models of the k624i, all of them with differing magnifications, but all having long eye reliefs – 4 inches or more on some units, two of these units have parallax adjustment knobs which allow its operator to set it for optimal accuracy. All four scopes in this series have turrets which kahles calls the klick rapid system, kr-s. This kr-s system was created by kahles to be smaller than their klick one revolution system, kl-1. The kr-s turret is just about half an inch shorter than kl-1 turrets, but it has even more precise click settings.

The kahles k624i has a 6x magnification capability and 24x optical zoom ability – 8 different magnification settings in all. With its 6x magnification power setting, this unit will exhibit an exceptional low light performance which will allow hunters to work in both dawn and dusk without trouble seeing well enough to take down game in these twilight before sunrise or after sunset; kahles k624i has a k-light illuminated center dot reticle which kahles created to help hunters or tactical shooters (marksmen) with nigh vision capabilities see the target they are aiming at very clearly, parallax free. The k-light illuminated center dot of this unit is daylight visible for maximum performance in all lighting conditions!

Kahles k624i rifle scopes come standard with an adjustable illumination dial that can be set for 8 different levels of darkness; this click adjustable knob on k24i units allows it’s user to easily visualize and highlight their target no matter what time of day or night it is – whether you are hunting by moonlight or sunlight!

The kahles k624i comes standard with kahles kr-s turrets which kahles created for the k624i series. Kahles kr-s turrets come standard on all k624i units and these klick rapid system (kr-s) one revolution turret technology has 15 millimeter per click adjustment capabilities and 70 MOA or 20 millimeters of travel per revolution and accumulates each and every micro rotation into a full turn – just like kahles kl-1, their flagship turret used in scopes such as the kahles k314i, etc.

Kahles k624i rifle scope’s magnification ranges from 6x to 24x – this is their widest range magnification capability in any riflescope kahles has ever made! It is kahles klick rapid system kr-s turrets that help this k24i unit have the widest range in magnification in kahles’ entire k624i line.

The kahles k624i comes standard with mineral glass optics, not the lower grade plastic/acrylic material used by other brands. Kahles also uses Schott glass for their lenses which are much clearer and stronger than any kind of plastic or acrylic optical lens material available – it’s what makes them cost more to make because they are much better quality scopes! Mineral glass gives better light transmission capabilities over plastic/acrylic type lenses which results in a brighter viewfinder image under low light conditions and kahles k624i rifle scopes don’t disappoint in this area as kahles has created k-light illumination technology which allows k24i units to function very well under low light conditions.

Mineral glass, the highest quality optical lens material available today, is what kahles k24i units use for their lenses – not cheaper plastic or acrylic like most brands do. Kahles uses Schott glass for their lenses which is much clearer and stronger than any kind of plastic/acrylic material available to other scope manufacturers!

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