Mind Lab Pro Review

Mind Lab Pro Review – Is this the best nootropic of all time?

Mind Lab Pro was the product that I ingested first. It is a rather complex supplement, developed for cognitive improvement. Even so, it is no longer my favorite nootropic supplement.

Mind Lab Pro Review: Does it work?

It is one of the best batteries in the market. Its products are recognized worldwide and are backed by hundreds of investigations.

Of course it works, and quite well. Although it is not the cheapest products.

It was rated one of the best nootropics of 2017 – Mind Lab Pro

It is a supplement that has various nootropics. With a formula of the most complete in the market, Mind Lab pro has no caffeine, no GMO, Gluten, Soy, this makes it the ideal complement for vegetarians.

This complement focuses on improving 4 main areas of cognitive performance: memory (recall, learning), general performance (speed, focus), mentality (creativity, motivation) and has a structural impact (anti-aging, injury repair).

Is it really effective? What is the real trick? Does it have negative effects? Where can I buy these products?

1. Review of the Mind Lab Pro: I tried Mind Lab Pro for some months, and I was wondering if it would be effective, although it seems simple, maybe answering if it works is more complicated, however for me it was one of the best complements I’ve tried.

And I’m going to tell you why.

Review of Mind Lab Pro

Supplements Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro has several popular nootropics, including Citicoline (able to improve memory and mood), L-Theanine (gives us energy to wake up), Vitamin B6 (improves our mental performance) and Vitamin B12 (improves our cognitive functions).

If you do a little research about Mind Lab Pro, you might notice that its official website contains the list of ingredients it has, and also the research that supports it.

I started taking Mind Lab Pro to observe the effects it caused my body, to understand how it worked after consuming it for a long time. I will explain week after week the effects that I presented after ingesting it for 1 month:

WEEK 1: I was really excited about this product, since I had previously conducted an investigation about it. Among the opinions of the experts, positive reviews stood out. In addition to this, I interviewed a friend who already had a few weeks using the product.

Honestly I was very excited; I just listened and read good things about this nootropic. When I got the product, I took a couple of pills and absolutely nothing happened, as if it had no effect on me. I thought that maybe because it was the first day it would not be long, so I waited for the second one, I went back to take the dose and nothing yet. I waited another day, maybe at some point I expected an energy awakening, just as other products such as Coffee Bulletproof or Yerba Mate tea cause it. But since I already knew this product had no caffeine in its list of ingredients, since its effect is different, it acts silently for a while, until one day you wake up with a huge amount of energy. During that week I came to think that it did not work this until…

WEEK 2: It was at the week 2 that what happened was what happened. I cannot describe it but I gained concentration and became more productive. At that moment I was writing, I could see how it was getting easier and easier. I always say that the key to being objective is to give true and useful information, so in the beginning I expected Mind Lab pro to be the answer to everything, I was disappointed but the product showed me what I could contribute.

WEEK 3 AND 4: My dose was already 3-4 pills in the morning. Combined with other supplements such as Omega 3. If a more explosive awakening was necessary, I opted to take Coffee Bulletproof and Yerba Mate Tea. During this time I could not train too much, even so I could feel how my body gave everything. I managed to concentrate for hours. I was as productive as ever before, I noticed how I improved my approach in a remarkable way. My memory was never so good for a very short period I was able to exploit my skills to the fullest.

According to my research, the consumption of Mind Lab Pro had many positive aspects in terms of the cognitive aspect, and memory. I improved my focus drastically on the test stage; I was more productive than ever, I was full of energy.

As for my mood, I was not affected in those weeks by taking Mind Lab Pro. This product does not have any caffeine derivative; therefore you cannot experience an immediate rush of energy. My mood improved as a result of being more efficient in all activities carried out.

The tests I did showed me that ingesting Mind Lab pro improved my mental conditions; it is a product that I will continue using. My vast experience of years and years using any number of nootropics allows me to say that Mind Lab Pro is the most effective I have used, my favorite.


Mind Lab Pro is by far one of the 3 nootropic batteries of my choice. My experience since 2016, and after trying more than 35 different products, tells me that although there is a wide variety of nootropic batteries in the market, this is my favorite.

2. Is it safe to take Mind Lab Pro?

This question generates others that are of the same species, such as: is it safe to drink coffee? What is dangerous about taking vitamins or some other supplement? This varies according to the conditions of the individual and what he wants to contribute to his body.

Review of Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro Review: Is it safe?

Recently a series of studies showed the benefits that natural nootropics have on our body, also in low doses have no adverse effects, and such as occurs with the intake of some vitamins.

Mind Lab Pro was manufactured based on the best quality ingredients on the market; it is also certified as safe by various researches, so it is quite safe to take it.

The main ingredients in the Mind Lab pro formula are the following:

2.5 mg of vitamin B6

100 mcg of vitamin B9

7.5 mcg of vitamin B12

250 mg of Citicoline as Cognizin

150 mg of Bacopa Monnieri (standardized to 45% Bacchus)

100 mg of Phosphatidylserine (PS) as Sharp PS Green

175 mg of N-acetyl-L-tyrosine

Mushroom Mane of Leon 500 mg

100 mg of L-theanine as Suntheanine

Rhodiola Rosea 50 mg (3% of rosavinas and 1% of salidrosida)

Maritime pine bark extract 75 mg

You already know in what proportion these ingredients are distributed, but then the explanation of each of them is presented in detail. Remember that the standard dose is 2 tablets of Mind Lab Pro.

Citicoline 250 mg.

Nootropic benefits: improves mental and energy performance without the usual shock of stimulants.

Citicoline demonstrated during the research that it is capable of balancing the mood of people, in addition to showing an increase in the ability to memorize, focus, concentrate and pay attention. If it is consumed for a long time it helps to maintain mental health and protects against aging and mental deterioration. It is also a great option for recovery in brain injuries.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) as Sharp PS Green 100 mg

PE is capable of intensifying the power of memory, retards any cognitive deterioration, and keeps the mind in a positive state. It is a compound that has been shown to be the best ally to treat people with brain degeneration, since it slows down this process, the percentage of memory loss is considerably reduced; it also acts positively against anxiety, and mental health. It is the only nootropic component qualified by the FDA to reduce cognitive decline.

Bacopa monnieri, 150 mg, standardized to 45% of active bacosides

The Bacopa is closely related to the association of new information, and therefore to learning and the retention of information and also memory. Studies in humans showed as a result that Bacoa delays the speed at which the new information learned is lost. It also shows that it accelerates mental processes, optimizes skills under stress and helps to relax the mind.

Lion’s hair mushroom – 500 mg

Nootropic benefits: through various trials, controlled with placebo, it was possible to relate to Lion’s Mane with significant cognitive evolution in adults aged between 50 and 80 years who presented mild cognitive impairment. In addition to this it was also related that Lion’s Mane can help keep the mood of the individual balanced.

Tyrosine as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine 175 mg

Several studies indicate that tyrosine interacts with the working memory capacity when the individual performs activities simultaneously, and is able to make it develop the efficiency of activities performed under stress, lack of sleep and a bit of fatigue . Apart from being quintessentially a nootropic that works under a stressed mind, it also promotes attention.

L-theanine as Suntheanine 100 mg

Nootropic benefits: L-theanine prompts the subject to enter a quiet moment, and although it causes tranquility is also able to intensify the state of attention, focus and alertness. Its use is very common during recent apprenticeships, the creative search for problem solving, art, and all activities that require silent concentration. Reduces the effects of caffeine.

Rhodiola Rosea Standardized to active nootropics: 3% rosavin, 1% salidroside 50 mg

Possible nootropic benefits: as an “adaptogenic” herb, it strengthens the ability to resist mental and also physical stress, at the same time it strengthens the mental energy, this promotes that the individual has clear ideas even if he is under a situation of physical stress. In conclusion, Rhodiola is widely used when it comes to needing improvement in mental processing, memory, learning, attention capacity, and mood and work capacity. During the Eastern Bloc era, it was used by most athletes as a strong body and mind enhancer.

Vitamin B6, B9 and B12

Possible nootropic benefits: The vitamins B6, B9 and B12 that Mind Lab Pro possesses are distributed as a group that helps with mental performance concerns that are related to cognitive deterioration, brain aging and the amount of blood flow to the brain. Vitamins B6 + B9 + B12 have also been shown to promote the balance of mood, mental energy, storage and mental health of the individual.

Maritime pine bark extract 75 mg

Possible nootropic benefits: The main proanthocyanidin compound of pine bark extract is used primarily to give mental energy, and improve learning, focus and attention; and maintain memory, mental clarity and brain health for some years. The safest way to use Mind Lab Pro and to be effective is to complement it with a healthy lifestyle, only that way success is assured.

It is also recommended to visit a doctor before using this product.

In my experience very few supplements come to have a positive influence on me as does Mind Lab Pro.

3. At what dose and time can I ingest Mind Lab Pro?

I usually take the capsules of Mind Lab Pro in the following way: At breakfast 2 capsules, and another 2 after this, is the usual recommendation. The manufacturer company of the supplement indicates that 4 capsules should be taken if what is required is to intensify the performance, this without a doubt can be consulted with a doctor.

It is important to remember that the effects of the capsules do not have an immediate effect, but it is from the second or third week where the change is experienced, this is because the body needs time to get used to the components.

It is not usual to comply with the instructions of the manufacturer of the Mind Lab Pro, I prefer to take two capsules and complete this with a Coffee Bulletproof.

Review of Mind Lab Pro

What is the ideal time to ingest Mind Lab Pro?

4. Is your body able to develop a certain tolerance for Mind Lab Pro?

There is no evidence that this would be possible, in fact, nootropic experts indicate that it is not possible to create tolerance to a wide range of nootropics. In any case it is important to follow the instructions regarding the treatment time, take the capsules for 4 weeks continuously and suspend them for 1 week.

There is also the option to take them for 5 days and rest 2 days. In fact, it is the time that I consider best.

5. Mind Lab Pro vs. OptiMind

Some of my relatives, due to my experience with nootropics, ask me about OptiMind, which is also a popular pile. Apparently the opinions are divided between Mind Lab Pro and OptiMind.

One of the main differences between the two is that OptiMind does have caffeine, which translates to the fact that the energy shock that Mind Lab Pro does not can take place.

I also tried OptiMind, and during the process I discovered that it was quite difficult to find out what was its exact formula. As always, each nootropic supplement has its pros and cons.

As I love the Coffee Bulletproof, I’m better off using Mind Lab Pro than OptiMind.

6. Mind Lab Pro vs. Qualia

Make a comparison between Qualia and Mind Lab Pro is valid but not definitive, because both are supplements quite complete, but no doubt one is better a product than another.

Qualia is a well-developed capsule, containing 42 components. Mind Lab Pro is a one-step treatment, while Qualia consists of 2; this is because their ingredients must be separated in a couple of groups. The main characteristic and advantage of Qualia is also its main disadvantage, the large number of ingredients that the formula possesses.

It is a matter of experience, if you have previously used nootropics, but not for a short period, of course, you will surely know the reactions of your body to them. If you do not have any experience in the area, you should know little by little the reactions you have with each complement, in this case I always recommend Mind Lab Pro as the first option.

Remember that with Qualia, if you have some adverse reactions, it will be more difficult to determine the ingredient that produced it.

Based on this I will say that:

If you have never ordered nootropics, choose Mind Lab Pro.

If you already have experience in the area but do not look for extra supplements such as minerals, amino acids and vitamins, Mind Lab Pro is also the best option.

If on the contrary it is all that amount of extra ingredients that your body requires, then you must choose Qualia.

If more than one month or maybe 2 have passed, and you do not feel that the results are as expected, look for another product and you will see how it works.

Whatever your choice is, you will be satisfied, and I can assure you.

7. Reviews of Mind Lab Pro: What do you think about Mind Lab Pro?

I not only use a product because I see that it contains positive comments from users, I go further and I like to read the criticism of experts in the area, of doctors, etc.

Mind Lab Pro has a lot of comments that position it as a supplement to the future. The opinion of the experts and professionals undoubtedly counted.

Extra information here: https://www.mindlabpro.com/eu/stories/

I consulted several doctors about the whole range of nootropic products and about Mind Lab pro specifically. Most of them managed to confirm that it is one of the most reliable, but we already know that what is good for some is not the best for others, so it is best to analyze the behavior of our body before them.

Even if for some a supplement is very effective and even you can be able to notice all kinds of improvement, it seems quite safe and reliable, that does not ensure that for you it will be the same, you must know from experience what is best for your body.

8. Where can I acquire Mind Lab Pro?

Apparently this is the best option because…

It is definitely capable of improving cognitive performance by a very high percentage.

The experts indicated that Mind Lab Pro is quite natural and therefore very safe. During the time I used Mind Lab Pro there were no short-term side effects.

That said, do not you think it’s the best option?

Only shipments are made to the US, Europe, Canada and Australia.

For shipments you must enter the website to order.

Surely they will love the effects and the improvement that it will present.

9. Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to take Mind Lab Pro?

It only has 11 ingredients; they were classified as safe and easily absorbed.

Is there a way to take a free sample?

There are no presentations for free samples, however there is a kind of guarantee in which if you do not like the product, the money is returned.

Is it possible to acquire Mind Lab Pro in a different way than via the website?

Currently it is the only way to contact the company to perform the requirements of Mind Lab Pro.

How can Mind Lab pro interact with some medications?

That information can only be determined by a doctor, so if there are doubts consult one.

Should Mind Lab Pro be cycled?

It is very important that you cycle after completing 4 weeks, after this you must have a break of 1 week or perhaps to complete a cycle of 5 days and rest 2.

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